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The lines and wrinkles on your face tell a unique story, but it should be one that reflects who you are inside, and the impression you want to make. We can help you look and feel your best – less tired and more refreshed – with an FDA-approved, clinically proven treatment that reduces the appearance of moderate to severe lines on your forehead, lip lines, chin, between your eyes and even crow’s feet. We can also fix gummy smiles! 

At Youthful You HV we use Xeomin – which has earned a reputation as the new, purer Botox alternative – to help our clients achieve the best, most natural-looking results. During your treatment – which should cause minimal discomfort and take about 20 minutes – one of our experienced clinicians will inject just the right amount of Xeomin (active ingredient botulinum toxin type A) to relax the muscles that cause your wrinkles. 

You should experience visible smoothing within 10 to 14 days of treatment, with maximum results in 30 days. Many of our clients find that treatments last three to five months, at which point re-treatment is advised to keep you looking and feeling refreshed. 


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